Marmoset Music


Finding the Perfect Soundtrack

Marmoset Music is a Portland based music agency, that specializes in finding, sourcing and creating music for film, commercials and pretty much anything that needs an amazing soundtrack!  They have an exceptional team of talented people doing everything from composing original scores to negotiating licensing and working with clients to find just the right piece of music.

They have a great website with really engaging stories and video content and wanted to add some "day-in-the-life" images of their staff, their engaging space and the creative work they do.  I spent a few hours capturing the spaces and people they had in mind and we also let spontaneity have a turn behind the wheel!

While I was there, one of the amazing artists - Graham, was composing music in real-time while watching the visuals for a new ad campaign.  To me, this moment captured so much about what makes Marmoset special.