Tiny Doughnuts and Hand-crafted Chai- A Perfect match


Pip's Original Doughnuts and Chai has quickly become a destination and a community in Portland's thriving restaurant and food scene.

Owners Nate and Jamie Snell have built a business based on a spirit of family, community and great food. From the recipes, the way they treat their employees, and the decor and feel of their beautiful space on NE Fremont, it's clear there's something special going on here.

I spent two partial days with the Pip's team, then Nate and I worked together to choose a set of images that capture the amazing space they've designed, the way they are striving to build a true community with other folks in the vibrant food scene here in Portland and the joy of the Pip's Army customers!

I'm honored to partner with them and see these photos fit in so well on their social media .

"Dan is very easy to work with, highly professional and his results are top notch. He consistently produces excellent photographs and footage even in challenging lighting and sound environments."

- Nate Snell, Owner of Pip's Original Doughnuts and Chai


Time Management, Organized

Marydee Sklar and the team at Executive Functioning Success have designed a program and materials to help people who have trouble with time management and give them the tools to manage their time consciously and successfully.  

Previously EFS relied on artwork and stock photography for their website and promotional materials. They approached me to create an image library that is true to life and shows how their program looks and feels.  We spent a couple different afternoons in group and individual sessions as students worked through some projects and self-discovery exercises.  We built an image library that Marydee and her team can use on their website and promotional materials including books and printed brochures. It showcases the warmth, fun and distinctive way that Marydee approaches students and the material. 

"Dan did an awesome job, putting everyone at ease and we had a lot of fun working with him. Again the results were awesome! Because of his photos our website is now a thing of beauty that clearly communicates who we are as a business. We were also really pleased with his professionalism. He was responsive and very timely in getting the photos to us. I highly recommend Dan."

-Marydee Sklar, Owner and Founder, Executive Functioning Success

Treating Stubborn, Drug Resistant Depression with Magnets

Achieve TMS recently had an open house in Portland their first Northwest location. TMS stands for Trans Cranial Magnetism and is a fairly new treatment which has recently been approved for the treatment of drug resistant depression.  

The open house was a success, connecting doctors in the mental health field with this new treatment that is likely to be a great addition to traditional treatments. We were also able to create some images that the company will be able to use for marketing as they expand into the Northwest. 


Finding the Perfect Soundtrack

Marmoset Music is a Portland based music agency, that specializes in finding, sourcing and creating music for film, commercials and pretty much anything that needs an amazing soundtrack!  They have an exceptional team of talented people doing everything from composing original scores to negotiating licensing and working with clients to find just the right piece of music.

They have a great website with really engaging stories and video content and wanted to add some "day-in-the-life" images of their staff, their engaging space and the creative work they do.  I spent a few hours capturing the spaces and people they had in mind and we also let spontaneity have a turn behind the wheel!

While I was there, one of the amazing artists - Graham, was composing music in real-time while watching the visuals for a new ad campaign.  To me, this moment captured so much about what makes Marmoset special.  


A Community for Like-minded Entrepreneurs


Pregame is a space and community dedicated to giving entrepreneurs the guidance, support, and connections they need to move forward. Owner and founder Ciara Pressler was looking for real images of members interacting in the beautiful space as well as some studio shots and video to use for marketing, and client testimonials.

We set up a studio in the meeting room for portraits and some Behind-the-scenes style video testimonials. I sat in on some impromptu sessions and then grabbed a few images of the beautiful space- located in the heart of Portland's Pearl District.


"Dan Hawk perfectly captured the spirit of my business. Every photo captures the fun and cameraderie that the Pregame Clubhouse creates for entrepreneurs and executives. From just one half-day shoot, we had professional, original photography that we were able to use for our website, social media, and ad campaign. It is fantastic value for our business and a positive experience for our whole team."  
-Ciara Pressler, PreGame Owner and Founder
Pregame Lounge
Ciara Pressler Pregame HQ
Pregame Generational
Pregame Social Communituy

The Place Your Doctor Would Take Their Own Kids


East Portland Pediatrics approached me with a need to update their headshots for a website update.  We also discussed the value of a set of documentary-style images to help update their image and giving potential patients an idea of the warmth and care they can expect.

 We had a few actual patients and some children of the Staff (also patients of course!) come in and we generally had a great time! They also have a dedicated teen clinic as well. If you are looking for a pediatrician, I can't recommend them enough!


"Dan took pictures of our office, staff, and patients for our new website. He took time before the shoot to meet with me and learn what we were hoping to achieve and what we needed for the website. Not only did he make us and our patients feel at ease, he was able to capture the caring and fun spirit of East Portland Pediatrics... and the pictures look fantastic! I look forward to working with him again soon on some more projects!"
Sharlene Matthieu- Partner, East Portland Pediatrics


Alexis and 5 month old Baby

Brad Smith, the Executive Director of WebVisions wanted photographs that captured the energy of both the in-depth, interactive workshops and the dramatic lighting and impact of the amazing speakers on the roster.

Day one's workshops were held at the beautiful PNCA campus which has beautiful natural light and featured attendees as well as speakers.  

Days two and three were held at Revolution Hall in SE Portland which is an amazing old restored high school theater. It's a Great venue, with fantastic stage lighting and a great vibe.  

Thanks to Brad Smith for the amazing conference!


"Dan is friendly, easy to work with and highly professional. He scoped out our venue and got great coverage of our event. I’d highly recommend him and will use him again if he’s not booked!”

- Brad Smith, Executive Director, WebVisions


Le Cadeau is a family owned winery in Dundee, right in the middle of Oregon's Willamette valley.  This area is known for producing exceptional grapes, which can lead to really amazing wine.  Tom Mortimer approached me to produce a series of images they could use to promote a new and unique wine via email to their wine club and social media. The new wine is a sparkling white Pinot Noir .  Most people know Pinot Noir as a red wine, but this particular version is made without the skins.  Steve Ryan, the winemaker joined Tom to show off the new wine at their tasting room. We made a few pours to capture just the right level of effervescence and motion in the glass.  I also spent some time creating images of the bottles and some portraits.  


Custom Woodworking Solutions and Art

Peter Jenkins builds amazing custom items from wood. Whether it's a piece of furniture or a built in part of a home, There's an amazing amount of care and detail that goes into every pass of the tool over a piece of choice hard wood.  

Peter needed a library of images showing him working in his shop to use for a new social media and web presence focus.  We spent a couple sessions capturing the raw and creative environment of the shop as well as the sheer power of Peter's arsenal of tools.