The Place Your Doctor Would Take Their Own Kids


East Portland Pediatrics approached me with a need to update their headshots for a website update.  We also discussed the value of a set of documentary-style images to help update their image and giving potential patients an idea of the warmth and care they can expect.

 We had a few actual patients and some children of the Staff (also patients of course!) come in and we generally had a great time! They also have a dedicated teen clinic as well. If you are looking for a pediatrician, I can't recommend them enough!


"Dan took pictures of our office, staff, and patients for our new website. He took time before the shoot to meet with me and learn what we were hoping to achieve and what we needed for the website. Not only did he make us and our patients feel at ease, he was able to capture the caring and fun spirit of East Portland Pediatrics... and the pictures look fantastic! I look forward to working with him again soon on some more projects!"
Sharlene Matthieu- Partner, East Portland Pediatrics


Alexis and 5 month old Baby