Lucy Bellwood, Demon Wrangler

Nicole , Manager of Chaos, Cultivator of Beauty

Ciara Pressler, Coach, Entrepreneur, Connector, Boss, Unstoppable

Adele, The one who makes everyone smile during the office photo shoot

Karen Thompson Walker, Writer of Cheerful Gloom

Reggie Williams, Solver of Problems at Scale

Claire and Nick, Makers of Films


Stephanie Hanna, Badass of Self-Love

Mark Wyner, Humanizer of Technology

Heather Keizur, Diagnostic Listener


Neil Negri, Beat Maker

Brady Tuazon, One Man Band 

Fried Egg Jace- Fried Egg I'm in Love

Amanda Shama - Ambient Sky

Jeremy Brownlowe- Typewriter Troubadour

Neil Negri Drummer Extraordinaire