Tiny Doughnuts and Hand-crafted Chai- A Perfect match


Pip's Original Doughnuts and Chai has quickly become a destination and a community in Portland's thriving restaurant and food scene.

Owners Nate and Jamie Snell have built a business based on a spirit of family, community and great food. From the recipes, the way they treat their employees, and the decor and feel of their beautiful space on NE Fremont, it's clear there's something special going on here.

I spent two partial days with the Pip's team, then Nate and I worked together to choose a set of images that capture the amazing space they've designed, the way they are striving to build a true community with other folks in the vibrant food scene here in Portland and the joy of the Pip's Army customers!

I'm honored to partner with them and see these photos fit in so well on their social media .

"Dan is very easy to work with, highly professional and his results are top notch. He consistently produces excellent photographs and footage even in challenging lighting and sound environments."

- Nate Snell, Owner of Pip's Original Doughnuts and Chai