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Pregame is a space and community dedicated to giving entrepreneurs the guidance, support, and connections they need to move forward. Owner and founder Ciara Pressler was looking for real images of members interacting in the beautiful space as well as some studio shots and video to use for marketing, and client testimonials.

We set up a studio in the meeting room for portraits and some Behind-the-scenes style video testimonials. I sat in on some impromptu sessions and then grabbed a few images of the beautiful space- located in the heart of Portland's Pearl District.


"Dan Hawk perfectly captured the spirit of my business. Every photo captures the fun and cameraderie that the Pregame Clubhouse creates for entrepreneurs and executives. From just one half-day shoot, we had professional, original photography that we were able to use for our website, social media, and ad campaign. It is fantastic value for our business and a positive experience for our whole team."  
-Ciara Pressler, PreGame Owner and Founder
Pregame Lounge
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Pregame Generational
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