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Tailored For Your Business


Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, or a full team, these packages give you the tools to share your brand story consistently and intentionally.


A Post A Day

You already know that the key to social media and blog content success is consistency, but if you're like most people it can feel so overwhelming:

I don't have any photos...

I don't know what to say...

I'm too busy...

My everyday life isn't interesting...

People are getting tired of my selfies...

That's why I created this program.

The Post A Day subscription plan takes the stress out of having fresh, focused, and inspiring content to tell your brand story on social media, your website, and any other way that you engage with your ideal clients.

Here’s why you’re gonna love this approach:

First, because we are shooting frequently, it relieves some of the pressure from a single big high-stakes photoshoot.

Second, because we’ll be working together regularly, before you know it, you’re gonna be a pro at this !

Here's how it works:

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Choose a plan that fits how often you want to share new content-

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The 40 Hour Gig

Weekends Off!
Work Hard and Play Hard

This Package is a great way to get started posting every weekday. Combined with the Brand Strategy Primer, You’ll have branded themes, fresh photos, and a plan to tell your brand story on social media, every weekday.


  • 22 images /month

  • Brand Strategy Primer

  • 2 hour Shoot, once a month

  • $350 monthly


The Over-timer

7 days a week means No Days off for this Social Media Account

Ready to kick your social media branding message into high gear? Combined with the Brand Strategy Primer, You’ll have branded themes, fresh photos, and a plan to tell your brand story on social media 7 days a week!


  • 32 images /month

  • Brand Strategy Primer

  • 2-3 hour Shoot, once a month

  • $500 monthly


All Hands On Deck

Everyday and then some…

You need fresh content for all the things! Blogs, Newsletters and social media. Combined with the Brand Strategy Primer, You’ll have branded themes, fresh photos, and a plan to tell your brand story everywhere!


  • 40 images /month

  • Brand Strategy Primer

  • 3+ hour Shoot, once a month

  • $700 monthly

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Brand Strategy Primer

Not sure what themes and content will connect with your ideal client?

This is where we dive into how and why you should use branded lifestyle photography to present yourself as a thought leader, illustrate your expertise and give your ideal client the inside scoop on why they *just have-to* work with you.

This focused conversation is where we'll identify your unique point of view, your ideal client, and perhaps most important-

Why you love what you do.

These answers will shape the look and feel of everything going forward — We'll dive into color, locations, outfits, backgrounds, and props. This is our chance to define the mood and tone of your visual brand image.

This ultra focused session with leave you with a clear picture of how to position yourself as a trusted, strong, in-demand thought leader, and how to build your brand with themes and images that consistently tell your story.


Contact me for a quick chat to see if the Brand Strategy Primer is right for you.

Brand Imagery Bootcamp


Ready to build a full image library from scratch to tell the world what you do? We'll create a full library of images to create a visual brand for your business. You'll have beautiful images to use for your:

  • Website

  • Blog posts

  • Social Media

  • Newsletters

  • Profile Photos for Social Media.

With this package, you'll recieve Headshots, Action photos and Environmental Lifestyle Portraits.

We'll start with a strategy call to craft the look and feel of these images and talk through details like outfits, locations and feel.

When we're done, you'll receive a library of vibrant, custom crafted imagery that will allow you to launch your brand with confidence that your message is clear!


  • Strategy planning call

  • Digital Folder with Hi Resolution images in just the right format for every place you want to use them.

  • Roughly 50 images

    starting at