In today's fast-paced, creative world, Personal Branding and Headshot Portraits are such an important part of connecting with the right clients. This is a chance to share your style, passion, and the beating heart of your business. 

Increasingly, potential clients are looking to your social media presence and imagery as they search for brands and people they can relate to and understand. A fun, candid shoot is the perfect way to create a set of images that accomplish exactly this connection.


“Dan is everything that you’d want in a photographer…skilled, smart and easy to work with. In short: awesome!”

-- Brad Smith, Executive Director, WebVisions


"Dan is totally accommodating, got some great shots and got the job done well.  Seriously folks, if you need to 'know a guy' in photography, Dan is the man for the job."

--Philip DeSemple, Financial Services Professional


"Dan is really friendly and approachable, and he made me comfortable during our shoot. Because he took the time to get to know me in advance, he captured the essence of my character. If you need someone to help you tell your story through images, I highly recommend Dan for the task. He’s a solid choice."  
-Mark Wyner, UX/UI Designer, Developer, Speaker, Writer




"From the start, Dan was professional, clear about our goals, and asked the right questions about the project. He showed up with enthusiasm and energy, and produced fantastic photos that were exactly what we were looking for. I highly recommend Dan to any small business looking to showcase their skills and abilities."

Veronica Bishop, Executive Functioning Success


"Dan is so easy to work with and really cares about creating a great experience. He was able to create perfect photos of my space, team, and even capture some video, all in one session. I appreciate that he has a business background so he understands his clients' perspective and keeps it professional. Highly recommend."

Ciara Pressler, Founder, Pregame


I am one of those people who generally dislikes having pictures taken of themselves. My experience with Dan completely changed that impression!  The session was comfortable and relaxing. The portraits are some of the best, if not best, that I have had taken of me. He really captured me at my best. I am impressed with his "eye" and skill. Overall, a truly wonderful experience.

Scott Musch, Executive, Cambia Health Solutions

In the meantime, Here are 10 tips to prepare for your headshot/ Portrait Session.