Columbia Credit Union

Telling the Community Story


I had the pleasure of working with Columbia Credit Union on two different projects this spring. The first was a video project headed by my long-time friend Travis Shields. I provided still images for a new campaign focused on a great selection of clients and the phrase "Making Life Better".

What a great crew, interesting clients and fantastic Pacific Northwest Spring Weather!

We spent three days filming the story of 2 businesses and one 2nd generation family that has grown up with the Credit Union.

The first day was spent with Ethereal Meads, a husband and wife team that craft mead from local honey and fruit on rural land north of Vancouver.

The next day we spent the morning at a credit union branch filming an interview and then the afternoon at Franko's Dog Grooming seeing this second generation business do their thing with beloved pets/family members.

And on the final day of our project, we spent the whole day with the Marsh family, at their home and then at a local park. We heard about how they each had their own relationship with the Credit Union growing up and then merged accounts when they married and started a family.

It's been so fantastic seeing these short spots hit the credit Union's social media and I'm so happy to have been part of making it happen.